Bahasa Indonesia Courses In Bali

Nyepi (Day of silence)

Nyepi is celebrated every year in Bali (based on Balinese calendar). Nyepi is mainly celebrated in Bali. It is a public holiday in Indonesia. On Nyepi day, all shops and businesses are closed including public services such as airport, public offices, etc. But hospitals are still open for emergency situations. Nyepi  starts from 6 am … Read more

Learn Indonesian in Bali

Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia. Millions of tourists come to Bali every year. It makes most local people in Bali work in tourism industry. They work at hotels, restaurants, villas, etc and even some foreigners work in Bali. Bali is very famous because Bali has many beautiful places to visit, unique culture … Read more

Bahasa Indonesia Class in Canggu

Canggu is a nice area, it is near Seminyak and a lot of surfers love Canggu. The beaches in Canggu area are ideal beaches for surfing. When you are in Canggu you can also see some ricefields, go to nice restaurants, do yoga, do horse riding, etc. Since Canggu is famous, more and more restaurants … Read more

Bali Bahasa Course

Bahasa Course, Bali Bahasa Course, Language School, Learn Bahasa Indonesia, Learning Indonesia In Bali. Contact Us Now : 081999695595, 085738229589. Experience Bali Language School has established since 2011. Our teachers are highly trained and motivated and also all of them have a university degree. Good place / location Our school is located in a strategic … Read more