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Nyepi (Day of silence)

Nyepi is celebrated every year in Bali (based on Balinese calendar). Nyepi is mainly celebrated in Bali. It is a public holiday in Indonesia. On Nyepi day, all shops and businesses are closed including public services such as airport, public offices, etc. But hospitals are still open for emergency situations. Nyepi  starts from 6 am to 6 am the next morning.

On Nyepi day there are some restrictions. The restrictions are no lighting fire, no travelling, no entertainment, and no working. Everyone is not allowed to go out. The only people outdoors are pecalang. Pecalang are traditional security men in Bali. They patrol on the streets to make sure the prohibitions are being followed. Nyepi is a Hindu holiday but non Hindu residents and also tourists are not allowed to go out. They can still do the activities they want inside the hotels. Actually there are some ceremonies before and after Nyepi:

Before Nyepi:

Melasti :

Melasti or melis or mekiis is a purification rituals. Hindu people go to the beach or spring water. They carry Hindus god symbols to the sea for purification purpose. Hindu people also believe that this ritual is done to clean the human body (people in Bali call it Bhuana Alit) and to clean the universe (Bhuana Agung).

Pengrupukan :

Pengrupukan is celebrated one day before the silence. On this day people in Bali have ogoh-ogoh parade. The parade normally starts at 6.30 pm. Ogoh-ogoh is like giant dolls. Ogoh-ogoh normally have form of demons. The purpose of ogoh-ogoh parade is the purification of the natural environment from the bad spirit.

After Nyepi

Ngembak Geni :

One day after Nyepi is called Ngembak Geni. On this day Hindu people usually visit their family and do certain religious rituals together. People start to do their activities again after 24 hours staying at home.


Learn Indonesian in Bali

Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia. Millions of tourists come to Bali every year. It makes most local people in Bali work in tourism industry. They work at hotels, restaurants, villas, etc and even some foreigners work in Bali. Bali is very famous because Bali has many beautiful places to visit, unique culture and of course nice weather. Most people come to Bali for holiday. They spend some days, weeks, or months in Bali. Bali is a very good place for travelling, there are many activities to do in Bali, you can visit beautiful beaches, mountains, or temples. You can also go surfing or relax and enjoy body treatment at spa. Bali has more and more shopping center and some people also come to Bali for shopping. Some foreigners fell in love with Bali and they decided to live in Bali.

Apart from travelling, surfing or relaxing, Bali is also a good place to learn Indonesian. A lot of expatriates in Bali speak Indonesian and some of them speak Indonesian fluently. Not only expatriates, some tourists also come to Bali to learn Indonesian. When you learn Indonesian language, you will also know and understand the culture better. When you are in a touristy area in Bali, for example Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, Jimbaran and Ubud, you will find a lot of local people speak English but if you visit other areas in Bali, a lot of local people don’t speak English. If you visit those places, it’s a good idea to speak some Indonesian. Indonesian people are happy when they know you try to speak the language. You will make your trip more interesting when you try to speak Indonesian. Some tourists come to Bali to learn Indonesian before they visit other islands in Indonesia, so they can communicate with local people in Indonesia. If you plan to visit places in Indonesia, it’s a good idea to come to Bali and learn Indonesian before.

Bahasa Indonesia Class in Canggu

Canggu is a nice area, it is near Seminyak and a lot of surfers love Canggu. The beaches in Canggu area are ideal beaches for surfing. When you are in Canggu you can also see some ricefields, go to nice restaurants, do yoga, do horse riding, etc. Since Canggu is famous, more and more restaurants are built in Canggu. Because It is also famous for yoga, there are many yoga retreats in Canggu. Canggu is very beautiful. A lot of photographers come to Canggu for photo shooting and a lot of couples come to Canggu for their honeymoon.

The Echo beach or Batu Mejan beach, Berawa beach, Batu bolong beach, Pererenan beach and Seseh beach.

Echo beach is a very good beach to see sunset. Echo beach was called Batu mejan beach but because there is a restaurant named Echo beach there, more people know it as Echo beach. If you would like to relax, see sunset or do sunbathing. You should go to Echo beach. Berawa beach and Batu bolong beach are also very good for surfing and other activities but sometimes Berawa beach has big waves. Batu Bolong beach is a black sandy beach. Local people call it Batu Bolong beach because there is a temple which is called Batu Bolong temple. Pererenan and Seseh are also nice beaches to visit, these beaches are very nice to surf and relax. It only takes 10 minutes to go to Perenan beach and 15 minutes to go to Seseh beach from Echo beach.

Learning Indonesian in Canggu.

If you are in Canggu or plan to visit Canggu, one of the nice activities to do is learning Indonesian. Indonesian is an easy language to learn. Some local people in Canggu don’t speak English, so it’s good to practice Indonesian with them. If you would like to learn Indonesian at your residence in Canggu, please feel free to contact us.

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