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We prefer to say that we are friends as well as teachers, because as well as teaching the language, we create real communication situations and make our students enjoy communicating in the target language to help them obtain an optimal learning outcomes in learning Indonesian.

Private lessons and other packages:

Number of students Duration: 40 hours Duration: 20 hours Duration: 10 hours
1 Rp 5,100,000,- Rp 2,650,000,- Rp 1,450,000,-
2 Rp 2,950,000,- per student Rp 1,550,000,- per student Rp 950,000,- per student
3 Rp 2,250,000,- per student Rp 1,200,000,- per student Rp 750,000,- per student
4 Rp 1,950,000,- per student Rp 1,100,000,- per student Rp 650,000,- per student
5 or more Rp 1,700,000,- per student Rp 1,000,000,- per student Rp 550,000,- per student
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– Please let us know if you have special requirements, we can always adapt to your needs.