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Bahasa Indonesia Class in Canggu

Canggu is a nice area, it is near Seminyak and a lot of surfers love Canggu. The beaches in Canggu area are ideal beaches for surfing. When you are in Canggu you can also see some ricefields, go to nice restaurants, do yoga, do horse riding, etc. Since Canggu is famous, more and more restaurants are built in Canggu. Because It is also famous for yoga, there are many yoga retreats in Canggu. Canggu is very beautiful. A lot of photographers come to Canggu for photo shooting and a lot of couples come to Canggu for their honeymoon.

The Echo beach or Batu Mejan beach, Berawa beach, Batu bolong beach, Pererenan beach and Seseh beach.

Echo beach is a very good beach to see sunset. Echo beach was called Batu mejan beach but because there is a restaurant named Echo beach there, more people know it as Echo beach. If you would like to relax, see sunset or do sunbathing. You should go to Echo beach. Berawa beach and Batu bolong beach are also very good for surfing and other activities but sometimes Berawa beach has big waves. Batu Bolong beach is a black sandy beach. Local people call it Batu Bolong beach because there is a temple which is called Batu Bolong temple. Pererenan and Seseh are also nice beaches to visit, these beaches are very nice to surf and relax. It only takes 10 minutes to go to Perenan beach and 15 minutes to go to Seseh beach from Echo beach.

Learning Indonesian in Canggu.

If you are in Canggu or plan to visit Canggu, one of the nice activities to do is learning Indonesian. Indonesian is an easy language to learn. Some local people in Canggu don’t speak English, so it’s good to practice Indonesian with them. If you would like to learn Indonesian at your residence in Canggu, please feel free to contact us.

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